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January 2022 - Pattern : 32

Our best wishes for this new year!
Modification of the pitch of a note, the C # raised to D, which gives a blues color, which you will be able to hear (among others) in the music of Tanzania: excellent album by Hukwe Zawoze (vocals/illimba), "Chibite" produced by Peter Gabriel. The illimba is a harmonic kalimba from Tanzania.

February 2022 - Pattern : 33

Another tuning change, like last month.
As a result, by changing 2 notes, we find the notes of the E major diatonic scale spread over 2 octaves (2 scales of 5 notes). It's up to you to find your own ideas!!

Mach 2022 - Motif : 34

Tuning modification like last month, but reversed!
The G # modified to A in the bass, the C # changed to D # in the treble, with ternary motif in the inspiration of the moment, without modification then with mod.

April 2022 - Motif : 35

A mirrored binary pattern, with the E major pentatonic scale rising.

May 2022 - Motif 36

A pattern idea from our friend François, from Avignon (from "the gardener's hut"), developed here with variations. This is a 3 beat (3/4) binary rhythm.

June 2022 - Motif 37

A 5/4 pattern inspired by Eastern European Aksak rhythms..

July 2022 - Motif 38

A new motif on an aksak rhythm (in 7/4 this time).

August 2022 - Motif 39

Development of a binary pattern over 4 measures.

Sept 2022 - Motif 40

A bit of rhythmic solfege with a pattern that follows the basic Afro-Cuban 6/8 clave.

Oct 2022 - Motif 41

A binary pattern with use of the low E with its octave. The measures are in 4 beats with beats 1 and 3 marked with the foot in the woodblock. Of course, you can change the notes and rhythms and explore other tracks!

Nov 2022 - Motif 42

A reminiscence of the January 2020 video (it's been almost 3 years, in fact!): A ternary pattern with the bass on each beat, detailed here in another way and developed on 4 variations. The tuning is as usual, E, F#,G#,B,C#,E, F#,G#,B,C#,E with right/left alternation.

Dec 2022 - Motif 43

A pattern on a binary 3-beat rhythm, as already covered with other melodies in April 2021 and May 2022. Good music and happy holidays!

You can find all the videos on our Youtube channel

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