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January 2020 - Pattern : 08

Again, a 6/8 (or ternary) pattern, with the bass on each beat, alternately on the right then on the left. Variant notes are suggested below.

February 2020 - Pattern : 09

4 notes chosen a little at random which also correspond to an arpeggio of guitar (for those who want to test it, the left hand index is in the 4th box from the nut). To develop by yourself!

March 2020 - Pattern : 10

A version of "Au clair de la lune" at the kalimba.

April 2020 - Pattern : 11

Resumption of a ternary Pattern already discussed (n ° 6, November 2019 at 0:25) which leads to a split reggae rhythm..

May 2020 - Pattern : 12

Chords that can be made with the kalimba on the pentatonic E Major scale.

June 2020 - Pattern : 13

While having a preference for the pentatonic scale for its intuitive and playful aspect, "the kalimbas of Ventoux", listening to requests, agree in diatonic C Major and offer a kalimba version of "la Bamba" (at 4 : 00 min).
For those who have an Android laptop, it is possible to download a free "chromatic tuner" application.

July 2020 - Pattern : 14

The bass (central blade) marks binary accents, around which it is possible to embroider.

August 2020 - Pattern : 15

A kalimba version of "In the summertime" by Mungo Jerry (released in 1970). The melody is detailed at slow tempo, then at normal tempo.

September 2020 - Pattern : 16

Again, a kalimba version of "In the summertime" by Mungo Jerry. This time, it is the agreements that are detailed. It's a 12-bar 2-beat blues, here is the grid: E x 4, A x 2, E x2, B x 1, A x 1, E x 2.

October 2020 - Pattern : 17

A basic Pattern discussed in July and developed here over 4 beats, using only 3 notes (but of course you can use others!): Bass + 2 high notes.

November 2020 - Pattern : 18

Ternary pattern discussed in January 2020 (pattern 08, the start is at 0:32), reviewed here to go to a polyrhythm. It is strongly advised to find other notes and to explore this very rich polyrhythm from several angles.

December 2020 - Pattern : 19

After the seasonal "happy holidays" wishes, at 0:33 min is discussed a Pattern, n ° 4, from the very first video "4 motifs" .

January 2021 - Pattern : 20

At 0: 17 you will find a bit pattern where octaves are used. As with all the tutorials on the "Patterns" page, it is the basic E pentatonic Major tuning: E, F #, G #, B, C #, Mi, F #, G #, B, C #, Mi that is used.

February 2021 - Pattern : 21

Variants on the basic binary pattern n ° 1 (see the very first video "4 patterns"), as an exercise to bring water to the melodic mill.

March 2021 - Pattern : 22

A familiar pattern, # 1 from the very first "4 patterns" video, a binary pattern changed to ternary that overlaps another ternary pattern.

April 2021 - Pattern : 23

A binary pattern (accompanied by a bird) repeated 3 times with bass, melodic development and in the end, the addition of triple eighth notes to spice up this spring!

May 2021 - Pattern : 24

2 melodic courses using all the notes of the 11 blade kalimba.

June 2021 - Motif : 25

3 descending arpeggios to play on your kalimba.

July 2021 - Motif : 26

3 ascending arpeggios to play on your kalimba.

August 2021 - Motif : 27

A tutorial with the micro kalimba in coconut 7 blades. Melodies by countering using motifs from the first video: sanza, 4 motifs.

September 2021 - Motif : 28

Descending then ascending patterns on the kalimba. It is up to each and everyone to explore, compose, find their own melodic journeys!

October 2021 - Motif : 29

2 chords that can be played on the kalimba: E and B.

November 2021 - Motif : 30

An idea for a pattern given by Olivier (from Avignon) developed here. Your own ideas are welcome, please share them on our page contact !

December 2021 - Motif : 31

2 easy melodic patterns. The kalimbas of Ventoux wish you happy end of year celebrations!

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You can find all the videos on our Youtube channel

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