Les Kalimbas du Ventoux

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Jan 2023:
Here is a song that was a hit! This is "Waka-waka". Popularized by Shakira for the 2010 football world cup, it was actually composed and performed originally by the Cameroonian group "Golden sounds" in 86
Here is a version of this song accompanied by the kalimba, here are the lyrics:
Zamina mina, eh eh, waka waka eh eh eh, zamina mina zankalewa, ana wa ah ah x 2
Django eh eh, django eh eh, zamina mina zankalewa, ana wa ah ah x 2

Other videos...

A pattern on a binary 3-beat rhythm, as already covered with other melodies in April 2021 and May 2022. Good music and happy holidays!<

A composition by Matthieu Grothendieck. This piece is taken from the CD "Just a few sounds", to be found on la boutique

François d'Avignon came to visit the kalimbas of Ventoux in Villes sur Auzon, the occasion of this musical duo Tibetan bowl / kalimba.
The tuning of the kalimba is in akebono (Asian 5-note scale), E, F#, G, B, C, E, F#, G, B, C, E.
See this link to the site of "the gardener's hut": Tibetan singing bowls

17-note Kalimba with walnut table, the scale used is the C major pentatonic: C, D, E, Fa, Sol, A, B, C ... etc, up to high E on the right.

Wess at the Ventoux kalimba workshop

The kalimbas of Ventoux have just completed a series of kalimbas, electro-acoustic models. Mosso rings one on the Hiwatt.

A duo of kalimba: Afacha and Alex, Saturday December 4, 2020 in Villes sur Auzon.

"Denko", a traditional African song by Spiruline.

Jam in a festival on the Ventoux kalimbas booth.

Little improv passing ...

Excerpt from a video made for the association"Ventoux Métiers d'Art".

Les kalimbas du Ventoux on TV ;-)