Fair trade


Alioune N'DIAYE lives in the area of Dakar, Senegal.

It is in the southern region , in Casamance (mainly Oussouye) that he harvests gourds, that are then cut, emptied and prepared to serve as a sounding bowl for our instruments. Their sound quality is excellent because they are dense and thin .

le stand d'Alioune

It is also in Casamance that he harvests coconuts with which he performs all kinds of crafts, and the bowls that we use for small kalimbas and maracas that we sell in the shop

Our partnership with Alioune is based on friendship and solidarity, which are keys to sustainability ...

His contact:
Alioune N'DIAYE
Km 16, route de Diamaguene
Dakar – Sénégal
Tel. 00 221 .77.576.67.12
Mail: aliounen68@gmail.com