Playing the patterns

These are melodic patterns whose parts are complementary and create a polyrhythm.
These patterns are not derived directly from a traditional repertoire and does not pretend to replace traditional kalimba learning.
It is advisable to use the basics outlined here as a canvas and use his intuition (wether you feel being a musician or not! ) to develop his own melodies and to make the kalimba sing.

In each series, each pattern is developed in two differents tempi:
A: slow tempo, in order to well detailed.
B: normal tempo (basic).

Serie 1

Motif 1 Slow tempo

Motif 1 Tempo normal

Motif 2 Slow tempo

Motif 2 Tempo normal

Motif 3 Slow tempo

Motif 3 Tempo normal

Motif 4 Slow tempo

Motif 4 Normal tempo

Série 1, four sequences played together :

4 B units are played one after the other and are superimposed to create a polyrhythm. We hope that these patterns motivate you in the practice of the kalimba.



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