Les kalimbas du Ventoux


"Les kalimbas du Ventoux" is a small craft business and wishes to remain so. However, the current market conditions require us to move to online sales, hence the creation of our e-shop.
You'll find all the models we produce.
However, nothing replaces the direct link, you are welcome to join us at the workshop and the various markets where we expose.

Kalimbas Workshop

Our kalimbas

Musical instrument of African origin,
our kalimbas have a high quality sound.
They are handcraft made, entirely with natural materials.
The coconuts and tropical gourds that serve as a sounding bowl comes from
fair trade with a senegalese craftsman.

They are easy to use from an early age, thanks to the flexibility of the blades. Their modular tuning and the sound quality also appeal to professionals; see amplified models (or electro-acoustics). The shop offers a wide range: diameters ranging from 11.5 to 37 cm for a number of blades ranging from 7 to 33.

The company

The company « Les kalimbas du Ventoux » is installed for more than 20 years at the southern foot of Mont VentouxIn the Vaucluse in Provence
Created at the initiative of Alex, joined by Mosso in 2006, it applies to manufacture kalimbas (or sanzas) of high quality, for those who want the good vibrations to become a new habit!